Sunday, April 19, 2015

Music : "Nobody Else" | Produced by Billy Topps

Harn SOLO connects with upcoming Nola producer Billy Topps for the gritty rap anthem, "Nobody Else". 

The creative pair were introduced to each other's music at The Soundclash beat battle & artist showcase in New Orleans. They collaborate for an edgy hip-hop sound that will be found on Harn SOLO's upcoming sixth studio album, "Another Galaxy". 

Visit Harn SOLO's bandcamp page where fans receive free downloads when they sign up for the mailing list. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Music : "Talk Show" | Produced by DJ Yamin

DJ Yamin presents his latest collaboration "Talk Show" with Harn SOLO. The Nola Mix producer is known for his wide range of musical-styles, and brings an edgy sound to the aptly titled song addressing hip-hop haters. 

The single will be showcased on Harn SOLO's upcoming album "Another Galaxy" due later this Spring. The project features a progressive sound with DJ Yamin's scratching and blending mixed throughout. 


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Music : "The Product" | Produced by Pro Prospek

Harn SOLO delivers the goods with new music single "The Product" produced by Pro Prospek. Solo is no stranger to Prospek's dark & gritty melodies, as the New Orleans transplants have collaborated on a number of occasions; most notably on full-length albums "Shooting Star" and "Journey To The Sky". 

"The Product" serves as a substance filled introduction to the artist's sixth studio album "Another Galaxy" due later this year. Although relocated in Colorado; Harn SOLO enlists a talented group of Nola musicians for the upcoming project including DJ Yamin, Billy Topps and Fig 8

Monday, January 26, 2015

Video : "Day in the Life" by World Stream Media

New graffiti film by World Stream Media

Watch Asem8 and Vane hit the streets of Atlanta with Harn SOLO's music "Independence Day" as their soundtrack to creativity.

Harn SOLO Interview with Get Lifted Radio

Harn SOLO calls into New Orleans, Louisiana to interview with @ToiaVega from Get Lifted Radio's media team. 

The artist talks about his mixtape "Traveling Man" featuring popular music singles "No Mercy" and "Right On Time". 

He also discusses paying homage to hip-hop's roots, while staying active within the music communities of Denver and New Orleans. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best Of The Beat : Harn SOLO - "Perfect Picture"

Download "Perfect Picture" on iTunes.

Reaching Higher PR would like to congratulate Harn SOLO and Crescent Kingz for being nominated with "Best Hip-Hop Album of 2014" in Offbeat Magazine - New Orleans.

Watch the artists talk about their collaborative music effort recorded at Inner Recess Studio, and make sure to vote for category #17 - Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album or Mixtape!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Video : "No Mercy" | Directed by Scott Harney

Harn SOLO continues to push his new mixtape "Traveling Man" with the colorful video release "No Mercy" shot by Scott Harney

The artist brings DJ Yamin's instrumental to life rapping with a unique flow at various street art locations in Denver, Colorado. 

Video Shots : Harn SOLO - "No Mercy"

"No Mercy" video shots taken by Scott Harney Photography in Denver, Colorado. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Harn SOLO - "Traveling Man" Mixtape | Presented by

Harn SOLO's mixtape "Traveling Man" presented by NeighborHood Watch World Wide

After moving from New Orleans to Denver, the artist linked up with recording engineer Jonathan Klein to document the experience. Assisting with an overall transportation theme, the project features airplane and train audio clips hand picked from creative partner Caliobzvr

As a veteran in the underground hip-hop community, the mixtape marks Harn SOLO's eleventh artist endeavor. The graphic design from "Traveling Man" is conceptualized by Elespee of The Guerilla Company - GPNYC.

Video Blog : Harn SOLO - "Traveling Man" (Official Promo)

Harn SOLO talks "Traveling Man" promo with his new mixtape recorded in Denver, Colorado. The project is sponsored by NeighborHood Watch World Wide hip-hop blog.