Thursday, September 5, 2013

Album Review : Neighborhood Watch showcases "Perfect Picture"

Set for release on October 1st, Harn SOLO’s sixth studio album and second release of this year, Perfect Picture, is produced in its entirety by upcoming music talent Crescent Kingz.  Originally from the West Coast, now a New Orleans transplant and fixture, SOLO’s style has increasingly advanced into a nontraditional, ground breaking perfect picture.  The sounds provided by CZA of Crescent Kingz give SOLO a very unique canvas with an opportunity to paint his diverse range of vocals and song writing abilities. 
The opening track “So Cold” displays a very unconventional vibe that will immediately let listeners know that they are in for something different with this release.  SOLO’s distinct voice and style stands out in the first single “The Future” which is co-produced by Pro Prospek, with whom SOLO collaborated with on his last release Journey To The Sky.

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